LDT Productions specializes in full production, editing, concepts and talent. Our company is composed of a skilled and passionate staff adding a personal touch to any project. We will put you first inspiring creativity and uniqueness resulting in a product that stands out in a crowd. COMMERCIAL - Need an online commercial for your business? Let LDT Productions help you from concept to finish. LDT Productions allows you, the client, an unprecedented level of customization resulting in a finished product that is unique and will get your customers attention. We will cover all aspects from writing, casting, filming and editing to exciting visuals that will make your commercial have the kind of impact that gets results. INDIE/WEB SERIES - Producing an indie movie or web series and need a reliable production company to help you realize your dream? We are here to help you with every aspect from script development, including workshopping to casting, filming producing and everything in between. Let’s do this and discuss your project today. FILMING YOUR THEATRICAL EVENT - Tired of Uncle “Ed” filming your event with a shaky, sub-par camera, out of focus and narrating? Let LDT Productions shoot it for you in HD with quality sound, 3 camera, edit, title and produce a quality end result capturing that memory even better than you remember it. REEL - Every actor needs quality tools to market themselves. We will take your filmed material and transform it into a cohesive, balanced, quality enhanced and titled collection of your work. Just the right touch to help you market yourself and help you book the job. New to acting and don’t have enough material for a cohesive reel? We will take care of that for you. Don’t just have a friend film you performing a monologue. We will cast, stage, block, light, direct and film your performance in HD, multi angle, quality sound, edit, title and produce a piece you will be proud of. VIDEO TRANSFERRING - Transferring VHS to DVD including color correction, titling and quality enhancement.
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