LDT Productions is a full-service, independent production company focused on creating digital media of the highest quality.


LDT Productions is a division of The Actors Gym, LLC and was born via the commitment of the talented students, actors, film makers, directors, editors and anyone wanting to create superior content.


We are a group of passionate, dedicated and professional individuals who have an intense enthusiasm and devotion to film, commercials and beyond, and a desire to work together to tell stories that stand out from the crowed. We seek to create unforgettable moments that remind others of our common humanity--to inspire, encourage, enlighten, expose, challenge and entertain.  We aspire to produce projects that are a form of art--not merely to entertain, but to provoke emotion and reflection, incite action, and have long-lasting effects on those who experience them.


Let’s Do This!




"Let's Do This Productions" believes that high ethical standards are the foundation for a strong business. It is our policy that all employees shall conduct their professional lives in accordance with the company's core value statements.

- Tell the truth.

- Recognize that every team member has the ability to


- Treat every client, coworker, and independent

  contractor with dignity and respect.

- Admit and take ownership of mistakes.

- Correct mistakes, offer assistance.

- If it needs to be done, do it.

- Give back to the community.

- Be a lifelong learner.

- Practice transparency and openness.

- Provide the best production value for the budget.

- Accept and provide candid feedback.

- Listen.





Let's Do This Productions is a division of Actors Gym, LLC - All Rights Reserved